Mother Earth, Vol. 1

Mother Earth, Vol. 1

Mother Earth, Vol. 1
1 cd

 It's 58 minute non-stop studio recording of beautiful improvisation. In music, I found my expression of freedom. Words cannot always describe how I feel, what I imagine, what I hear. Music always can. This is my heart on a conversation with yours. I hope that you will like it a lot. One Love, have a blessed day.

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Track list:

1 Reality Check (bonus track) 

2 Dust Myself Off (bonus track)

3 Mother Earth

4 Greensleeves Adlib

5 To My Messenger

6 The Clock

7 In My Sleep

8 Dive

9 The Sea

10 Minuit

11 Canon De Pachelbel Adlib

12 1999

13 La Plus Que Lente Adlib

14 Prodding

15 Bloom

16 Music Is My Child

17 Father Sky

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